Tyre Collection

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‘End of Life’ Tyre Collection

We collect Scrap/Waste/End of Life tyres, which includes:

  • Car,
  • Van,
  • 4x4,
  • Truck,
  • Industrial,
  • Solid,
  • Forklift,
  • Tractor/Agricultural,
  • and Earthmover.

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Western Tyres Ltd covers the South West of England, down to Cornwall, Wales, across to Portsmouth and Southampton, and up as far as Gloucester, Swindon, Trowbridge, Melksham, Wiltshire.

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Our Customers

We collect from a wide range of customers that need to dispose of all types of tyres.

  • Garages and tyre retail outlets.
  • Car and truck tyres from scrap yards and vehicle dismantlers.
  • Local Authority depots and household waste recycling centres.
  • Earthmover, diggers, forklift tyres from construction companies.
  • Haulage / Road Transport / Logistics Organisations.
  • Vehicle Manufacturers.

Serving national companies locally:–

sims metal

Our customers dispose of tyres from all the major manufacturers:–

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Truck tyres are designed to be re–treaded but if they are damaged or very heavily worn then can be turned into bales or reduced to chips or powder.